AToM project kick-off

  • By Kirsty Mitchell
  • 30 Sep, 2016

AToM project team meet at the University of Borås in Sweden

The AToM project team met at the University of Borås in Sweden to kick-off the project and discuss the form and function of the online modules. Two representatives from each of the partner universities attended along with the project co-ordinators from the University of Borås and the software team from Digital Connextions.

The project parameters were discussed and workloads, deadlines and meetings agreed. The name AToM was selected as an abbreviation of 'Access to Masters'.


By Kirsty Mitchell 28 Oct, 2017
From sophiscated fashion to life saving medical textiles, the University of Borås  Textile Engineering Programme offers more than yarn and the odd loom or two. This programme itself is intended for students with a bachelors degree in this particular domain.  In order to take full advantage of the two year textile science and engineering programme, applicants are now encouraged to take the AToM self assessment .  AToM encourages applicants to consider every aspect of Textile Engineering programme before applying.  From math, textile manufacturing techniques, textile materials technology, textile chemistry to manufacturing techniques,  AToM fully explores every aspects of the programme.  Applicants are not only provided with a unique understanding of their abilities  before joining, AToM provides applicants with interactive learning resources to help them close any identified areas of weakness. For more information on how to take the AToM assessment watch the guidance  video and register here .  
By Kirsty Mitchell 19 Jun, 2017
The meeting was hosted by the University of the Highlands and Islands  in their beautiful Perth campus in Scotland. The partners began with a presentation on data gathering. It was widely acknowledged that although data gathering across all programmes was consistent statistically over the years, it didn't account for the number of successful exit points and or for wider social and or financial reasons for student drop out. It was therefore agreed that we consider both data points when analysing the impact of AToM over the proceeding years.  
The University of Borås   demonstrated the work that they had undertaken to prepare the AToM module and resources and also shared valuable information about applicants understanding of AToM. This valuable insight provided the partners with a meaningful starting point for the methods of dissemination the project.  The University of the Highlands and Islands introduced Tara Morrison and Gareth Davies to the partners. We welcome their contribution to Masters in Education and Masters in Leadership and Management AToM modules. 
A full evaluation of the technology, design methodology including the organisation and candidate interface and content was presented conducted and presented by the University of Alcalá de Henares
By Kirsty Mitchell 25 Feb, 2017
From the 23rd to the 24th February 2017 the partners were hosted in ancient and beautiful University of Alcalá. The University of the Highlands and Islands presented the AToM platform and how to create and prepare HTML5 interactive modules. The team decided to change the self assessment terminology from capabilities to abilities. We also spent time discussing data protection and the importance and significance of the level guide functionality and how to effectively prepare the level content.

The University of Alcalá presented their ideas around their module content and fully briefed the team about how they planned to approach the assessment and audit of the project outcomes.Prior to the meeting the The University of Borås had spent time exploring and testing the functionality of the AToM platform. They were able to provide the partners with important observational ideas about how the applicants will approach the platform, the self assessment piece and taxonomy of the module itself. The University of the Highlands of Islands were able to provide the partners with a excellent interactive approach and support package for preparing the modules, taxonomy and the overall pedagogical approach to the module content writing. In advance of the meeting Digital Connextions prepared the AToM website and social media channels and took some time to brief the partners how to share content and contribute to the social media channels. 

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